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2011-10-30 01:53:41 by Wivernryder

So I'm totally whoring out my fandom with my awesome Newgrounds Tank shirt that I bought with the store credit from the pony competition. It's pretty bitchin. You should all get one. Or two. Or five. Make an entire wardrobe out of em.


2010-04-21 23:58:07 by Wivernryder



2010-04-06 17:28:08 by Wivernryder

Late again, due to laziness.
I...uh... yeah not much to say.
: I'm gonna be a fuckin pokemon master!


Science project

2010-01-14 04:34:16 by Wivernryder

Well, I have a short video of myself applying a magnet to something I made as a science project, a ferrofluid. Here's the link.
Here's the link to a wikipedia article explaining what a ferrofluid is.
It's some neat stuff, for sure.

By the way, my camera sucks for close up shots.

Science project

Steampunk SHMUP team

2009-11-06 23:01:16 by Wivernryder

Alright. So. Yeah.

About that.

I deny everything. It wasn't me.

Okay maybe it was.

Steampunk SHMUP team


2009-08-11 01:57:54 by Wivernryder

I just got back from Philmont in New Mexico... Awesome place.

Hiked around for awhile, got to see alot of stuff...
A couple of the other guys got to see a mountain lion, but I didn't look up fast enough, it was already gone. So that was depressing.

I liked the minibears though.
Minibear: anything small, fuzzy, and wanting of your food.
These include chipmunks and squirrels.
I mostly saw chipmunks.

I caught a bunch of snakes at Fish Camp, but no fish. Lousy fish...
Awesome views on the hike from Fish Camp to Abreu.
Abreu officially has the best root beer anywhere in the world. Also for the cheapest price...
32 oz for $1.50?? Crazy!

I leave you with some LOL material. If you read XKCD, I'll give you a high-five.



2009-05-27 00:31:35 by Wivernryder

I have been showing people a recent sprite that I made, and have found some of them saying "I'm taking that."
I wish to allow everybody to know that the below sprite was made by me, and nobody else.
If you see anybody claiming the below sprite to be made by them, reprimand them and please let me know where you saw it.
This has been a public service announcement.


Save Our City

2009-05-22 10:36:18 by Wivernryder

OH man oh man. Best song ever. I decided to illustrate what I thought of the song in iScribble.

I'm expecting a higher comment turnout than my last post.. =( hopefully

Thanks to all those that do comment! Remember to comment on my old posts!

Anything can be a weapon if you're holding it right.

Save Our City


2009-05-18 10:39:00 by Wivernryder

iScribble has really changed my drawing skills. Made them better, made them more defined. But I would like to pay tribute to the other artists first.

You know my little robot guy? I showed him to somebody on iScribble and they said, "Why don't I draw him?"
About five minutes later, they'd come up with this. I lubs it.

Boo yah.



2009-04-23 01:49:54 by Wivernryder

I know, I know, I'm late on making an Easter post. But I did have a pic I wanted to share with everybody. This is Harry. He's my friend's ball python. He's neato.

Don't forget to comment on my old posts!

Danke, for everybody who has supported me by giving me positive feedback. Love ya all!