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Winter Pixel Poster Winter Pixel Poster

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All I can see...

Is Lady Gaga everywhere.

Maria Maria

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Excellent detail and shading on the face.

But your problem isn't that one of her eyes is set too high... on the contrary, her right eye (seen on the left) is too low. It doesn't follow the traditional eyes-halfway-up-the-head anatomy, and doesn't line up well with the top of her ear.
Now I'm not incredibly good at facial anatomy, so I won't be able to offer much more critique than that, but you might also want to look at where the ruffles meet the shoulders and make the transition a little smoother (particularly on the left of the piece).
Hope that helps a little.
If you're having trouble seeing what I am, try covering up the eye in question and viewing the other half of the face, as the right (her left) looks much more natural to me.

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IloveNantes responds:

Hey, you're right! Thank you for the honest review. I feel a bit terrible now knowing that it turned out that the left eye wasn't too high, but that the other was too low. As an artist trying to get into the professional industry a few years from now, that's a bit disheartening.

But thank you again, I really appreciate it.

Touch the Untouchable Touch the Untouchable

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Do the impossible

See the invisible

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Fightan the Powah Fightan the Powah

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Roh Roh

Fight the Powah

Treehouses Treehouses

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KND Bases

Don'tcha know.

Neil Poon Handler Neil Poon Handler

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You're still missing many football fields of his forehead!

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Kinsei responds:

I'll get a plastic surgeon to get right on that...


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You are truly...

A faithful Gropaga. May Lord Inglip bestow his blessings upon ye. Lay your hand 'pon the holy Weedaula and let his grace and wonder fill you.

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Jae responds:

Bahahaha This is my favorite comment so far

Meerkat Manor Murder Meerkat Manor Murder

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That guy who reviews things...

You mean xWayneColtx?

Muscle Sketches Muscle Sketches

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Kinsei responds:

you know you love'em

Monochrome Kiss Monochrome Kiss

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Those Lips

Still really freak me out.

Kashi responds:

They will haunt your dreeeaaaaaammmmmsssss!